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Transfusion flyer 2002THE WORLD In December 2001 Dred, Mo B. Dick & several of the Southtown Kings including Rusty Nails from Denver are featured on MTV's Sex2k program. With MTV stations spanning the globe, this documentary marks the widest television exposure of Drag Kings to date.

SAN FRANCISCO Fudgie Frottage a.k.a. Lu Read starts Transfusion with Miss Trannyshack 2001 Vinsantos. Co-ed tranny Smackdown wrestling events MC'ed by ferocious WWF King Shack The Shack Shackwell a.k.a. Crush Velvet a.k.a. Tiberius a.k.a. local legend Laurie Bushman are taking the town by storm

Harry Dodge and Silas Flipper 20012002 - WASHINGTON, DC January The Washigton Post does a feature story on Ken & Carlos Las Vegas.

PHILADELPHIA PA The Philadelphia Weekly does a feature on The 7th Mr. Philly Contest and former Ohioans Johnny Kingpin and Heather Grey. Jake the Big 8 wins.

PARK CITY, UT Also in January, former Dodge Brothers Harry Dodge and Silas Flipper's By Hook or by Crook (left) garners both Hollywood industry and national press coverage with it's widely anticpated screening at Robert Redfords' Sundance Film Festival.

NEW YORK February 14 - March 3 Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver of Split Britches (below right) are back in New York with two new shows at La MaMa! Double Agency.Split Britches poster

SAN DIEGO The San Diego Kings Revue of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is reprised on Feb 15th at The Flame. They also host a Drag King Contest there every Wednesday and The SD Kings Club Revue is the 1st Friday of every month.

BERLIN GERMANY In February The Drag King documentary Venus Boyz directed by Gabriel Baur premieres at The Berlin Film Festival featuring Dred (below left). Mo B. Dick, Hans Scheirl, Del La Grace Volcano, Bridge Markland, Shelly Mars & Dianne Torr. It has been in production for 7 years.

Venus Boyz posterTHE WORLD The Toronto Kings namely Flare, Christopher Noelle, and Dirk appear on episode #5 of Queer as Folk on Showtime.

CANADA PrideVision TV airs its coverage of the Kingdom International Drag King Magazine launch on the show Shout February 25th - March 2. Featured performances from Winnipeg Kings, Rico & Chase Meedown from Minneapolis and interviews with Co-Publishers Ken and Carlos Las Vegas.

SAN FRANCISCO Five of Erin's Drag King portraits are in Jewels in a Jewel Box the inaugural group art show at the spanking new LBGTI Center. Ribbon-cutting and Opening Reception Sunday, March 3rd.

SAN FRANCISCO Tuesday March 5th is The 3rd Mr. Trannyshack Competition. Super Butch Hosts Charles Nelson Reilly (a.k.a. Leigh Crow) and The Shack. Celebrity Judges are Rat Bitch (a.k.a. SFDK01 Howie Weenis), Heklina, Precious Moments and the reigning Mr.Trannyshack Paul Wanka. Lefty Fister a.k.a. Deena Davenport wins with his rendition of Ballroom Blitz. His blitzkreig boppers include Zeon, Jen Gandy, Kennedy and Johnny Kat. Rusty Hips comes in 2nd and Matt Black 3rd.Vinnie & Mario Testosteroni "Kings of the Road"


SAN FRANCISCO Friday March 8th The 1st ever Drag King Junior Contest at the LBGTI Center as part of the Queer-Youth-a-palooza. Fudgie Frottage and Sister Kitty Katalyst host. Performers include boiband Boy Wonder, Mr. Hanky the Xmas Poo and spoken word with The Deep Dickollective. Celebrity Judges include Electro, Putanesca and Drag King book cover star SFDK97 Cooper Lee Bombadier. The smooth and suave newcomer Alex Brady wins! An edited version of this timeline is printed as a keepsake all for attendees.

SAN FRANCISCO Erin's Kings of the Road portrait series (above right) opens at Deena Davenport's Glama-Rama Salon with mages of 42 Drag Kings from the US & Canada.

WINNIPEG, CANADA 3rd Annual International Drag King Burlesque Saturday March 16th. Hosted by Regina’s Phil O’ Pian and Nebraska’s Michele Korman and featuring performances by Carlos Las Vegas, Ryan Coke, Irish dancing king Chester Mc Flatley, Little M’Angelo, former Sir Purdy’s Ray Banned, current Miss Purdy’s Breyanna Burlesque as well as many out-of-towners, including Will N. Toplay from Regina, Saskatchewan and Jaxson from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

LOS ANGELES March 14th Sammy Swagger's Severe Queer Revue at Fais Do starring Sammy, several Disposable Boy Toys, IAMLOVED and Will Dewar, originally from NYC's Club Casanova. Read Danielle's review on the new Technodyke section Digital Drag.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL hosts the first annual Florida She King Pageant on April 20 Mo B. Dick MC's.

GUERNEVILLE, CA The 2nd Mr. Fab Drag King Contest at Club Fab. With MC Mr. Fab 2001 Rusty Hips and drag king troupe Boy Wonder on May 3rd.

SAN FRANCISCO & LOS ANGELES After his birth in March, Frankie Tenderloin (left) joins forces with Will Dewar and Sammy Slacker to form the all drag king rock band The Rent BOY$. The Rent Boy$ will go on to have several line-ups including Max Voltage, Pete Sake, Ben Lonely and Rusty Hips before Anderson leaves SF in 04.

WASHINGTON DC Lucky Dog Productions and The 2nd Annual GenderPAC conference presents Great Big International Drag King Show 2 Saturday May 18th, 10pm at the Black Cat (1811 14th Street, Dupont Circle). 50 Kings from all over perform!

TORONTO June 27th The United Kingdom Show starring Carlos Las Vegas, Christopher, Flare & Dirk from The Toronto Kings, New Yorkers Mo B. Dick, Pat Riarch & Ray Cruiter and Dante Di Franco from Minnesota.

Also in 2002:

  • Dante Di Franco's solo tour
  • SFDK7, winner Rusty Hips (right)
  • Idke.4 read Tristan's article now
  • press coverage of King scenes from Austin to Boston
  • Philly contest
  • Mo & The Men's rocky road tour 02
  • Kingdom's issue #2 & #3.
  • Dred's globe-trotting
  • Pat Riarch's book

to be continued...

OHIO Johnny Kat gives Johnny Angel some sideburns backstage at the idke.4 Showcase 10/2002


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